How do you know where you are registered?

The registration certificate , or municipal register, is necessary for many administrative procedures and, in addition, every person residing in Spain is obliged to register in the register of the municipality in which they reside. If you reside in more than one municipality, you must register with your habitual residence , that is, where you reside for the longest time throughout the year. In this post we tell you what happens when you are registered in one place and live in another and how to know where you are registered .

Process on how to know where you are registered

How to know where you are registered is easy to find out. You have two options: in person and online.

How to know where you are registered: face-to-face procedure

You must go to the municipal register office of your current residence. In a small town, the census office is usually located in the town hall, although this is not always the case. A phone call to the town hall will get you out of doubt.

Once the office is located, go to it and request verification of your registration . If everything is correct, they can give you a certificate indicating your place of residence. If there is a problem, you should check it at the registry offices of those cities where you have previously resided.

How to know where you are registered: online procedure

It is also possible to check where you are registered through the internet. You must go to the page of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) . To carry out this check you must have an electronic certificate , since it is necessary to certify with certainty that the person who is requesting the information is you, so it is necessary to have the electronic DNI.

How can I modify the pattern if it is not correct?

If the data in the register is not correct, you must modify it. It may be the case of being registered in one place and living in another , so you should know that the registration must be carried out in the town where you live for the longest time in a year .

It is important to have updated registration, as it is necessary to carry out procedures such as school registration or request various types of aid . In addition, the right to vote can only be exercised in the locality where it is registered. Even in some procedures the registry expires and you must request a version less than 6 months old.

Remember also that, in case of change of address, you have the obligation to inform . The procedure is simple: go to the registry office of your new residence, fill out an application and prove that this is your new residence, either with the rental contract or with the deed of the house. This is the usual procedure, but some municipalities may request other documentation.

As you have seen, how to know where you are registered is simple, as is modifying the data. It is a procedure that should be updated and updated. Although you can be registered in one place and live in another , it will be more practical for you to be registered in the town where you reside.